Why do the Invest in the Springs Survey?

Why? Because we believe in Colorado Springs. And we believe the community is afraid of the question of what it wants to be. So as a private citizen with nothing to lose, serving a community with everything to gain, I can ask that question and inform the conversation. For all of us. Transparently.

I have no agenda, other than to ask and report in the hopes that someone will care and take action. People should ask you to vote on what you want for the future.

And yes, some people don't like the question. And they will hate the answers. But, we can help inform the elected leaders and media about YOUR dream for the future of the community. They don't have to fear asking the question, the perception, and the backlash. They can take the information and run with it (or not)-because it is by citizens, for citizens.

And let me clarify: INVESTMENT creates value. Maintenance prevents loss. Maintenance is what you do to your car so it runs. It's pothole fixing. Investment is what you do for your future. It's vision.

We believe Colorado Springs can be great. Greater. People are looking for the culprits. Look no further. Look in the mirror. YOU are part of the answer just like I am. Yes, I have support from other amazing people-but I ran with this because others can't or won't. We want our elected leaders to be successful. We want the community to thrive. And there is no intent other than to stop fearing the question. We will inform the conversation. We will encourage an investment in the future. For my daughter. For you. For us all. Because Colorado Springs is amazing and deserves to have an identity-a vision-and the opportunity to be even greater.

Rant over.
Team Us.