I like to rant, rave and reveal in written record, so I want to share, and some of it is fairly profound.  In the same way that ice cream always melts too fast.

"Age is measured in years.  Life isn't."-Me

"Age is measured in years.  Life isn't."-Me

30,000 feet

The world from 30,000 feet

The world from 30,000 feet

Don't use the phrase "I'm looking at this from the 30,000 foot level".  First of all, it may be beautiful to not focus on details, but what you are actually saying is that you can't see shit on a cloudy day. So if someone uses this phrase, feel free to ignore everything they say after that.

Team US

This is the core of my beliefs on how to get great things done.  There are no great things in this world that involve only one person acting alone.  Great ideas and exceptional implementation are made possible by the team--Team US!  In my opinion, its how we need to act as a country.  Debate is great, but entrenched philosophy prevents us from doing great things!

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Catching more flies with honey...

Is anyone really trying to catch flies?  I mean, really?  So who cares what you use.

Life is about 20 seconds of insane courage.

If you really want to live your life, you need 20 seconds of insane courage.  You need the courage to jump off the ledge, say the hardest thing, leave your job, find yourself, love yourself or walk out the door for the next great adventure...true living requires 20 seconds of insane courage.  Try it.

Find a way to get to YES

Approach every conversation as an opportunity to "find a way to get to 'yes'".  It may not be the "yes" either of you think you need when you start, but it makes finding ideas and overcoming challenges much easier when you start with the right approach. 

Don't think in sound bytes


Even seemingly simple issues are complex!  They cannot be understood in a rhetorical sound bite.  Challenge yourself to understand an issue and its nuances.  Engage in independent thought and research the issue.  Find the right answer for you and then find a way to make it relatable to others by making it simpler.  Turn it into your OWN sound bite.  Then use that to make the basic premise of your belief relatable for others.

Quotable Kittle-isms

"I'm going to think inside the box today. I figure with everybody thinking outside it, they might have missed something good in here."

"Business cards: The people lurking in my drawer."

"My love is unconditional.  But it is not free."

"Today, I am not the arrow. I am the bow. Pull back, let loose and send others flying high."

"I could tell you everything about her, and you would still know nothing of her."