Original 2013 Invest in the Springs Survey Results:

The Invest in the Springs survey was an informal interview designed to see what we think about investing in Colorado Springs using projects developed in a quick brainstorm. The fact is, we should ask the question, do you want to invest in the Colorado Springs community, and if so, what do you want to invest in?  It's a fair question, no matter what the answer ends up being.

Before we go too far, we only wanted see if it starts a larger conversation about investing in Colorado Springs.  If you don't like what you see, no worries, do your own survey and let's compare results!  I will make some observations about the data. As I said, all the raw data is available, minus any personal information that people voluntarily included. 

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Please examine the data and post on it.  Share your thoughts.  Ask questions.  Build on an answer.

Question 1 Results

Question 1 Results.jpg

Question 2 Results

Basic Stacked Bar Graph

Answers who got the most Top 5 votes?

Stacked Bar.jpg

Total Points

Since 1st Place is worth more than 5th Place in your personal preference, award 5 points for a first place and 4 for second and so on.  Based on this, you arrive at a total points value that shows a relative level of preference among the projects. 


Total Points.jpg

First and Second Preferences

By only examining the first and second preferences, we see what projects people feel most strongly about or interested in.  The ones that excite people the most. 

Power Rankings.jpg

Math Nerd Talk and Methodology Stuff

Look, like I said, I brainstormed with a friend and put this survey together. A lot of people want to be asked the question and I think that's why it became popular. The methodology isn't exact and my friends are likely to believe that investing Colorado Springs is a good thing so there is some "positive response bias". As the survey grew, the sample size got larger and more diverse because of publication in a variety of forums by a variety of people. Another criticism is people not knowing what all the projects are. Its hard to explain them all and keep the survey short. This was a simple preference survey, designed for free by a guy who cares and I'm making the results public. There are many more projects out there that could be considered and many are included in the comments. I encourage YOU to use the results and create a dialogue about what the Colorado Springs community needs to be great.